Here's what's interesting to me as of Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

This is a "now page."

What's up with me? Oh, thanks for asking haha.

I'm getting ready to move to Stanford in July to start a one-year master's program at the GSB. I'm meeting a lot of fascinating people affiliated with Stanford and would love to meet more.

I'm trying to get through Andrej Karpathy's Neural Networks: Zero to Hero sequence before class begins.

I'm working on my walking bassline and soloing chops in anticipation of a performance with my jazz ensemble in early June.



  • How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Bill Gates
  • The Philosophical Baby, Alison Gopnik
  • Liberation Day, George Saunders
  • Dungeon Crawler Carl, Matt Dinniman


  • Sold a Story

The teev:

  • Succession
  • Mad Men
  • Physical 100

Vibbeo gabes:

  • Papers, Please
  • That new Zelda